City Records Hottest February Day in Eight Years

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City Records Hottest February Day in Eight Years

On Monday the city of Hyderabad has recorded the hottest day in the month of February in the last eight years. Reportedly the mercury levels jumped by nearly 2 Degrees Centigrade in just one day which marked the record temperature in 8 years. The city weather is likely to get warmer in the days to come shortly. The city recorded 37.8 degrees Celsius against the maximum temperature of 35.8 degrees Celsius back on Monday. It was only eight years ago, on February 26, 2009, that the city had recorded 39.1 degrees Celsius. This was the hottest February day recorded eight years ago in the month of February.

The districts recorded around four degrees Centigrade to five degrees Centigrade above the normal weather. On Monday, however, the minimum temperature in the city was recorded at 16.5 degrees Celsius. The predictions from Indian Metrological Department came in that the maximum temperatures is likely to increase over 38 degrees Celsius in the next seven days. Commenting on this an Official site from the Indian Metrological Department (IMD) said. “Summer is yet to set in, Monday witnessed an abnormal rise in temperatures due to change in the wind direction. ” The IMD official also said about the direction of the winds. He said, “The state was receiving winds from the north-northeast but is now getting north-northwesterly winds. Winds from the east carry moisture and are cooler, unlike the winds that are blowing from the western India.”

February marks the beginning of the Summer season months where temperatures soar in the Deccan Region. However, this is only the beginning as the hottest months are witnessed in mid-April and the month of May. While February is pleasant as it marks the end of the cold chilly winter dry long nights. Once March makes an entry people can feel the onset of the unbearable scorching summer heat. As mid-summer approaches and academic years come to end kids and school staff enjoys summer holidays. Generally, families go out to various other locations to holiday and enjoy better weather during the vacations.

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