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Life Insurance Approval with an Artificial Pacemaker

in Heart Conditions

Life Insurance Approval with an Artificial Pacemaker

Yes, we can assist you with Life Insurance Approval with an Artificial Pacemaker!

Finding an affordable life insurance policy with an Artificial Pacemaker can be quite the challenge.

The good news is there is hope. In fact, tough life insurance cases are our specialty at HighRiskLifeInsuranceAgency.com.


Your Answers in 2 Minutes

Stick with us for two minutes, and you’ll have two important questions answered:

1. Can you qualify for life insurance with an Artificial Pacemaker? And if so…

2. How much will it cost?

Can People Who Have a Pacemaker Be Approved for Life Insurance?

Yes, most individuals with an Artificial Pacemaker will be able to qualify for traditional life insurance, the type of insurance which requires a medical exam.

However, these types of approvals can only be offered by life insurance companies that are accustomed to high risk life insurance cases.

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How Much Will it Cost?

Best Case Scenario – A best case scenario would be that of an Artificial Pacemaker implanted for at least more than three months. This would show the pattern of heart rate and rhythm whether the Artificial Pacemaker is able to maintain the heart’s normal SA node function. Best cases would also be functional SA node abnormalities like fluid and electrolyte imbalances that can be corrected and are considered reversible. Most of these cases have a “Mild Substandard” rating. Click here for quote at “Mild Substandard.”

Severe Case – Cases where the Artificial Pacemaker had just been implanted within the last three months will definitely be declined. You may have difficulty qualifying for traditional coverage with an Artificial Pacemaker, but could be eligible for a graded death benefit policy.

Common Questions to Assess Rating Class

If you’re unsure which of the above health classes to quote yourself at (Mild Substandard or a Decline), please see the questions below:

1.    When was your Artificial Pacemaker implanted?

This is the basic question that needs to be established. Artificial Pacemakers implanted for more than three months will get a good chance to be rated a “Mild Substandard” provided, however, that records will show normal heart rate and rhythm for the last three months after the surgery. No complications post surgery is also important to be established. Artificial pacemakers placed within the last three months will have to wait for the right time; otherwise, you will be declined.

2.    Have you experienced any chest pain within the last three months? 

Symptoms of chest pain shows lack of necessary Oxygen supply to the heart, which may be attributed to poor function of the Artificial Pacemaker. This is not a good sign of control and may result to a decline.

3.    Do you have regular check-ups with your cardiologist?

Regular visits to your doctor shows good compliance to your treatment and management, which can add to your chances of getting a “Mild Substandard” rating.

4.    Are you currently taking medications that can cause SA Node dysfunction? 

This is important to establish because, in spite, of the Artificial Pacemaker there may still be abnormal heart function. Medications that can cause SA node dysfunction include Beta Blockers and Digitalis.

5.    Do you have other medical conditions that may affect the function of your SA Node impulses?

Medical cases like myocardial infarction, hyperkalemia, endocarditis or systemic lupus erythematosus may cause chronic damage to the heart that may get a decline.

If you don’t seem to fit into one of the ratings above, I recommend requesting life insurance quotes from “standard” to “severe standard” so you understand the range of possibilities.

How to Get a Quote

Using the Instant Life Insurance Quote form on the right, select the rating class that best suits you based on your answers to the questions above, as well as complete the amount and type of coverage needed.

An estimate will appear on the next page.

If we can help you with a quote or to apply for coverage, call us at 877-443-9467.

Overview of an Artificial Pacemaker

An Artificial Pacemaker is a small medical device implanted just underneath the skin in the area of the chest or the abdomen that send electrical impulses and help regulate the abnormal heart SA node signals.

The purpose of an Artificial Pacemaker is to maintain normal heart rate and rhythm for an abnormal heart rhythm and arrythmias that will ensure sufficient supply of Oxygen to the brain and the rest of the body.

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Consumer APPROVAL Report:
Learn the 5 most lenient insurance companies that approve (almost) anyone, including the company we send 90% of our tough cases to..

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