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Life Insurance Approval with Depression

in Mental Health Issues

Life Insurance Approval with Depression

We can certainly help you with Life Insurance Approval with Depression!

Having trouble finding affordable life insurance with Depression?

The good news is there is hope.

In fact, tough life insurance cases are our specialty at High Risk Life  Insurance Agency.

Our 2 Minute Promise

Stick with us for two minutes, and you’ll have two important questions answered:

1. Can you qualify for life insurance with Depression? And if so…

2. How much will it cost?

Can People Who Have Depression Be Approved for Life Insurance?

Yes, most individuals with Depression will be able to qualify for traditional life insurance, the type of insurance which requires a medical exam.

But you won’t be able to get this rating through your auto insurance company.

How Much Will it Cost?

Best Case Scenario – If Depression has been diagnosed within the first two weeks of manifestation of the symptoms and medications were given early, these cases usually get a “Standard” rating. If, however, symptoms of sadness or indifference (except suicidal tendencies) were detected within a six-month period and symptoms were controlled with medications then a “Mild Substandard” rating may be given. Click here for quote at “Standard” or “Mild Substandard.”

Moderate Case – Depression symptoms like poor mental function and sleep disorder that last for more than 6 months is considered a major condition and the best approval may be at “Medium Substandard” rating. Click here for a quote at “Medium Substandard.”

Severe Case – A severe case would be Depression symptoms with loss of appetite and suicidal thoughts that have been present for more than 1 year. These cases would usually get a decline.

You may have difficulty qualifying for traditional coverage with a severe case, but could be eligible for a graded death benefit policy.

Common Questions to Assess Rating Class

If you’re unsure which of the above health classes to quote yourself at (Standard, Mild Substandard or Medium Substandard), please see the questions below:

1. Since when did the symptoms of Depression become evident?

Depression can manifest for a minimum of two weeks to less than six months, and these cases are usually classified as mild depression syndromes and may get a Standard or Mild Substandard rating. If, however, the symptoms of sadness and irritability get worse and lasts for more than six months then it would need further evaluation to get the appropriate rating.

2. Have you been hospitalized for suicidal symptoms? 

Depression symptoms of suicidal thoughts whether 2 weeks or more than six months is considered a major depression syndrome, which may automatically be declined.

3. Are you taking any antidepressant medication? 

Regular intake of medication means that you are aware of your condition and how compliance can help, which is a good sign of behavior control.

4. Do you have other conditions or major illnesses?

Depression may only be a secondary symptom that is just the result of another medical condition. These cases cannot be rated immediately because it needs further medical evaluation.

5. Has your Depression symptom affected your family, work or social relationships?

Disturbances in activities of daily living and relationship frictions may be signs of a major depression that can be rated at Medium Substandard or worse be declined.

If you don’t seem to fit into one of the ratings above, I recommend requesting life insurance quotes from “Standard” to “Medium Substandard” so you understand the range of possibilities.

How to Get a Quote

Using the Instant Life Insurance Quote form on the right, select the rating class that best suits you based on your answers to the questions above, as well as complete the amount and type of coverage needed.

An estimate will appear on the next page.

If we can help you with a quote or to apply for coverage, call us at 877-443-9467.

Overview of Depression

Depression is a mood disorder characterized by changes in behavior, affect, thoughts, feelings and overall well-being.

There are three subtypes of this disorder that range from a depressive disorder, bipolar disorder or a major depression syndrome.

Symptoms of Depression include indifference, sadness, irritability, sleep changes, loss of appetite, fatigue, thoughts of death and dying and poor mental functions like memory, reasoning or decision making.

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