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Life Insurance Approval with Endometriosis

in Hormonal Disorders

You can get life insurance approval with Endometriosis!

You can get life insurance approval with Endometriosis!

Finding an affordable life insurance policy with Endometriosis can be quite the challenge.

The good news is there is hope.

At High Risk Life Insurance Agency, we specialize in “high risk” life insurance.

Our 2 Minute Promise

Stick with us for two minutes, and you’ll have two important questions answered:

1. Can you qualify for life insurance with Endometriosis? And if so…

2. How much will it cost?

noM_uOSMBY_OeDbVtPaa2Q4OWcFb01V-pjQ362VSRiYCan I Qualify for Life Insurance if I have Endometriosis?

Yes, most individuals with Endometriosis will be able to qualify for traditional life insurance, the type of insurance which requires a medical exam.

But you won’t be able to get this rating through your auto insurance company.

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3B7dnAUzgXH6Bwx2VPotTiljdO4Mt4NawSqjyrJ7pP0How Much Will it Cost?

Best Case Scenario – Most cases of Endometriosis may qualify for a “Standard” rating. Provided that there are no complications such as malignancy in the ovarian or pelvic cysts identified. Click here for quote at “Standard”.

You may have difficulty qualifying for traditional coverage, but could be eligible for a graded death benefit policy.

noM_uOSMBY_OeDbVtPaa2Q4OWcFb01V-pjQ362VSRiYCommon Questions to Assess Rating Class

If you’re unsure if you will qualify for a “Standard” health classes, please see the questions below:

How many years have you been diagnosed with Endometriosis?
Endometriosis is a manageable condition and once complications of scarring, adhesion or excessive bleeding is controlled, the chance of getting a “Standard” rating is high.

How severe are your symptoms of Endometriosis?
Symptoms of heavy bleeding and painful menses do not pose a very high risk to women, unless there are signs of more serious complications such as malignant tumors (which are rare). Most cases of Endometriosis will qualify for a “Standard” rating.

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Did you undergo any surgical procedure to manage your Endometriosis?
The need for surgery and how often it had been performed may require a more thorough medical evaluation. This is especially true for cases that had more frequent surgical interventions to correct Endometriosis.

Do you have regular check-ups with your gynecologist?
Regular visit to your gynecologist is a good sign of control of the condition and may get you a “Standard” rating. It is, however, necessary for laboratory and diagnostic exams to confirm the absence of complications such as the presence of pelvic cysts.

Do you have a family history of uterine or ovarian cancer?
If you have a history of uterine or ovarian cancer you may be required to undergo more diagnostic tests and procedures before an appropriate rating can be given.

If you don’t seem to fit into one of the ratings above, I recommend requesting life insurance quotes from “standard” to “severe standard” so you understand the range of possibilities.

How to Get a Quote

Using the Instant Life Insurance Quote form on the right, select the rating class that best suits you based on your answers to the questions above, as well as complete the amount and type of coverage needed.

An estimate will appear on the next page.

If we can help you with a quote or to apply for coverage, call us at 877-443-9467.

Overview of Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a gynecological condition characterized by the overgrowth of the lining of the uterus that tends to flourish outside of the uterine cavity. These changes are influenced primarily by the female hormonal changes.

Most common symptoms of Endometriosis include dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), dyspareunia (painful intercourse), and or infertility. To date, there is no known cure for endometriosis, rather management is palliative. Most common treatment for symptoms includes hormonal pills, medication and surgical removal of the excess overgrowth of the lining of the uterine wall (laparoscopic resection).

Other symptoms of Endometriosis include cramps during menses, low back pain, urinary urgency and painful voiding, and leg and rectal pain, constipation and chronic fatigue. The most common complication of Endometriosis is the high incidence of infertility in women of childbearing age.

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Consumer APPROVAL Report:
Learn the 5 most lenient insurance companies that approve (almost) anyone, including the company we send 90% of our tough cases to..

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