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Life Insurance Approval with Glaucoma

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Life Insurance Approval with Migraine

We can certainly assist you with Life Insurance Approval with Glaucoma!

Have you been declined for life insurance due to Glaucoma?

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

In fact, tough life insurance cases are our specialty at High Risk Life Insurance Agency.

Your Answers in 2 Minutes

Stick with us for two minutes, and you’ll have two important questions answered:

1. Can you qualify for life insurance with Glaucoma? And if so…

2. How much will it cost?

noM_uOSMBY_OeDbVtPaa2Q4OWcFb01V-pjQ362VSRiYCan People Who Have Glaucoma Be Approved for Life Insurance?

Yes, most individuals with Glaucoma will be able to qualify for traditional life insurance, the type of insurance which requires a medical exam.

But you will need to speak with a knowledgeable, independent agent, who is licensed with several life insurance companies for your best chance at approval.

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3B7dnAUzgXH6Bwx2VPotTiljdO4Mt4NawSqjyrJ7pP0How Much Will it Cost?

Best Case Scenario – Most cases of Glaucoma will qualify for the best rating at “Standard” as long as it is detected and managed early. If there is no serious complication to eyesight even in emergency closed-angle Glaucoma, it can still qualify for the best rating. Click here for quote at “Standard”.

You may have difficulty qualifying for traditional coverage, but could be eligible for a graded death benefit policy.

noM_uOSMBY_OeDbVtPaa2Q4OWcFb01V-pjQ362VSRiYCommon Questions to Assess Rating Class

If you’re unsure for the Standard rating, please see the questions below:

How many years have you been diagnosed with Glaucoma?
Glaucoma is a non-preventable condition, but the symptoms and complications of progressing loss of eyesight can be managed. Longevity of the condition, however, increases the probability of complications.

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Have you experienced any symptoms of progressive loss of vision within the last six months?
Symptoms of progressing loss of vision may be a sign of an acute or deteriorating case of Glaucoma, which may be required to wait until the flare symptoms have passed before a rating can be determined.

Do you have regular check-ups with your ophthalmologist?
Regular visit to your ophthalmologist is a good sign of control of the condition and may get you a “Standard” rating. It is, however, necessary for fundoscopic exam to confirm the absence of rapid and progressive loss of eyesight.

Do you have a family history of Glaucoma?
If you have a family history of Glaucoma, the chances of developing the same is very high. If family members have progressed to loss of eyesight, it is necessary to take the necessary precautions so as not to develop the same. If medical evaluation is done on a regular basis it is a good sign, which may earn you a “Standard” rating.

Do you have lifestyle practices that may put a higher risk to your condition?
There are studies that show that caffeine increases IOP and if your lifestyle includes heavy caffeine consumption, it may result in progressive Glaucoma.

Are you taking any medications?
If you are taking steroids in your list of maintenance medications it may require a more thorough medical evaluation because such meds are known to restrict blood flow to the eyes, which may cause increased IOP.

Do you have any diagnostic exam within the last six months?
If you have any diagnostic results such as tonometry, gonioscopy or visual field test, it can show your actual eye condition. It can be used to determine whether you will qualify for a “Standard” rating.

If you are still unsure which rating class you fall under, we suggest getting a life insurance quote at multiple substandard ratings, so you can familiarize yourself with the range of substandard premiums.

How to Get a Quote

Using the Instant Life Insurance Quote form on the right, select the rating class that best suits you based on your answers to the questions above, as well as complete the amount and type of coverage needed.

An estimate will appear on the next page.

If we can help you with a quote or to apply for coverage, call us at 877-443-9467.

Overview of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition of the eye that is characterized by ocular disorders brought about by various causative factors. It is marked by a common symptom related to increased intraocular pressure (ocular hypertension) or optic neuropathy.

Most cases, if left untreated may end up with permanent loss of vision due to increasing elevated intraocular pressure (IOP). There are also cases, where the IOP is normal, but has obvious optic nerve damage. In both cases of glaucoma loss of eyesight is most likely due to optic nerve damage.

There are two main categories of Glaucoma: angle closure or closed angle Glaucoma and open angle Glaucoma. Between the two, closed angle Glaucoma is more serious as the progression of symptoms and loss of blindness may occur very rapidly. But if management is done early, the eyesight may be saved.

Because of the progression of blindness in Glaucoma, it has been popularly referred to as the “silent thief of eyesight”. The bad news is, when eyesight has been lost already, it is unlikely that it can be restored. That t is why the goal of treatment and management in Glaucoma is to prevent loss of sight.

The classic sign of Glaucoma is the gradual and progressive loss of vision, which can be seen through fundoscopic examination. Closed angle Glaucoma, on the other hand, has other symptoms like sudden severe ocular pain, eye redness, marked increase of IOP, seeing halos, sudden decrease of eyesight, nausea and vomiting, and a mildly dilated pupil. In case these symptoms appear, it requires emergency treatment to prevent loss of vision.

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Consumer APPROVAL Report:
Learn the 5 most lenient insurance companies that approve (almost) anyone, including the company we send 90% of our tough cases to..

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