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Mobdro for Android – Download & Install Mobdro APK 2017

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Mobdro is a popular app using which we can watch movies, TV shows, games, and several other videos for free. What is the best thing is that this app streams video from free sources and brings it to you in high-quality format? The recent version of this app is 2.0.58. The new release gives you option of the live event, improved video playback as well as bug fixes of previous versions. So now if you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the application on your android device then let us check out how to use the app effectively.

As compared to other video streaming applications, Mobdro Apk Download is easy to use and has a lot of entertainment in store for the online streamers. You won’t look out for another video streaming app after using this one. The simple and stunning user interface makes it easy to browse and explore online video content on your mobdro app.

What can you do with Mobdro?

  • You can explore trending and latest content on the internet
  • Share favourite videos with your friends, family, and relatives
  • Bookmark your favourite shows
  • Download and capture video streams.

How to use Mobdro?

Settings options of Mobdro — Mobdro allows you to get setting features such as mobile connection, language settings, hardware decoding, parental filter, sorting alphabetically and many more. You have a manual control over these settings. It is a checkbox and you can easily enable or disable these settings according to your needs.

So check these setting options and make the settings as per your preference.

Default category lists

There are mainly 12 different categories available on the Mobdro apk. You can stream videos of any of these categories for free. The details of each of the categories are as follows —

  • Channels – Includes channels like National Geography, CBS, Cartoon Network, Discovery, Animal Planet, The CW, PBS, FX etc.
  • News – Includes news channels like NBC, CNBC, Fox 43 WMPT, CN INTERNATIONAL, SKY NEWS, CNN etc.
  • Shows – Includes popular shows like The Office, Family Guy, Rick, and Morty, Community, Samurai Jack etc.
  • Movies – Watch favourite movies of several genres like Adventure, Action, Comedy, Documentary, Mystery, Animation and other.
  • Sports – Sports channels like PREMIER SPORTS, ESPN, BT SPORTS, SKY SPORTS, EIR Sports, WWE TV, LIVERPOOL TV etc.
  • Music –It includes music channels like MTV DANCE, MTV UK, VH1 UK, KISS, THE BOX, KERRANG TV, MAGIC etc.
  • Gaming – Go gaming with Mobdro where you can find top games like Power Ranger, Over watch, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Dota 2 Runescape etc.
  • Animals – With Mobdro you can live stream all animal videos online from African Wildlife and other.
  • Tech – Tech news and channels like NASA, ISRO, and other technological lists can also be streamed on Mobdro.
  • Podcasts – Get access to Podcasts shows like Classic Arts Showcase, The Miki Show, and Tedtalks etc.

Apart from these, you can view spiritual channels like God TV USA, American Atheists, God TV UK, God TV Australia etc. And also other channels like CH1, Psychopathic etc. There are a lot more channels available on Mobdro  for Android apart from those mentioned above.

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